Best Kau Ka Moo in Chiang Mai

Last Updated on December 28, 2014


The best Kau Ka Moo in the daytime is found on Moon Muang road (the road that goes from south to north on the eastern edge of the inside of the moat) between Soi 8 and Soi 9. Nighttimes the market at Chang Puak (the northern gate or North Gate of the moat) has several Kau Ka Moo vendors, with the lady in the cowboy hat by far the tastiest and most popular.

Best Daytime Kau Ka Moo in Chiang Mai

## What is Kau Ka Moo ##
Kau Ka Moo is tender, steamed [pork knuckle]( (also known as [ham hock]( served over rice. This is usually served with a halved soft-boiled egg and pickled mustard greens. Traditionally accompanied with green chili peppers and whole clove garlic and a sweet chili with vinegar sauce, and it is common to add some fish sauce and dried red chili pepper.

Best Daytime Kau Ka Moo in Chiang Mai
## Where to Find the Best Kau Ka Moo ##
P.S., don’t be confused by this sign. It says Guay Dtiaw, and they do serve delicious rice noodles, but the Kau Ka Moo is the real star of this very local eatery.

Indeed, the best daytime Kau Ka Moo in Chiang Mai, can be found here (40 THB). Don’t keep walking to the corner of the street, which is a larger, more popular (with travelers) restaurant. The authentic, Thai style food and friendly service (though limited English) is next door.

## Next to the Hom Cafe ##
On the other side is Hom Cafe, which serves a variety of coffee and other beverages and they can be ordered from and brought inside the local restaurant to enjoy with your Kau Ka Moo.


Hom Cafe (Good Aroma Cafe)

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