Dan Sai Ghost Festival

Last Updated on August 25, 2017


## Phi Ta Khon Ghost Festival in Loei ##
__Phi Ta Khon (ผีตาโขน)__ is the most popular festival in Loei province in the Northeast of Thailand (Issan). It is held in Dan Sai district and lasts for three days. The date for this event changes each year, but it is always sometime between March and July. The exact date is determined by two mediums (mor pii/หมอผี) – Jao Por Guan and Jao Mae Nang Tiam.

In 2018 the festival is going to be held on 15 June (most likely). This event is part of a larger celebration known as _Bun Luang_ which also includes Bun Bang Fai (the rocket festival). Read more about the colorful three-day festival of [Phi Ta Khon](https://chiangmaibest.com/thai-holidays-festivals/phi-ta-khon-ghost-festival/), especially the logistics and various events.

Phi Ta Khon Costume to Scare the Spirits

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