Bake and Bite, Kaewnawarat, Chiang Mai

Bake and Bite Restaurant (2 Locations)

Last Updated on December 28, 2014


Finding reviews and Googling for this establishment are difficult, with a bit of outdated information and confusion online. So we went to find this place, at least the Kaewnawarat location (which seemed the more difficult to find). And it was worth the visit.

Bake and Bite, Kaewnawarat, Chiang Mai

## Two Locations for Bake and Bite

Note that there are two locations of the Bake and Bite restaurant in Chiang Mai, on Nimmanhaemin 18 soi 6 and Kaewnawarat Soi 3/2. The Kotchasan Road location (near Thapae Gate) has closed.

## Menu and Hours for Kaewnawarat location


This is a breakfast and lunch place (now closed on Friday at this location). For recent hours posted on a sign, see the images below. Note that this also operates as a bakery, with lots of bread, bagels, rolls, cakes, cookies and a fantastic brownie.

I arrived at 11am and was handed a breakfast menu as well as a lunch menu. Lots of great options. Basically this is styled after an American diner/cafe. Great comfort food here.

On this visit there was only one of us, and it was a brunch of Huevos Rancheros and a cup of coffee (170 THB total). Both were quite nice. The Huevos Rancheros had a thin crispy flour tortilla as its base and this worked out well. Friendly staff, relaxed place with some nice light jazz playing, and relatively speedy kitchen. Also newspapers available for your reading pleasure.

Bake and Bite, Kaewnawarat, Chiang Mai

### Wifi not available at Kaewnawarat Bake and Bite

There was a Wifi detected on the premises but they do not offer password/access to this, so be sure to bring your 3G and tether/share your data connection via wifi if you want computer access to the Internet.

## Map for Bake and Bite Kaewnawarat Location

Map to Bake and Bite Restaurant - Kaewnawarat location

– [View Bake and Bite Restaurant – Kaewnawarat Location in a larger map](

## More Photos from Bake and Bite

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