Chiang Mai Airport Attractions

Top Must-See Attractions & Activities Around Chiang Mai Airport Area

Last Updated on October 26, 2016


Are you spending your stay around Chiang Mai airport and looking for things to do in that area? Perhaps you just moved here and looking for some orientation? Given that Chiang Mai is relatively small (pop. About 400.000) you won’t feel that the airport is actually next to the heart of the city. There are no cultural highlights around here, yet you have several exciting options for dining and shopping. Thanks to its position, you can reach the Old Town within 5-6 minutes from here and Hang Dong within ten. Here is a breakdown of what expects you around Chiang Mai airport:

Chiang Mai Airport Attractions

  1. Chiang Mai International Airport

Aside the usual things you can do in airports, you can find an organic shop with inexpensive items of HM The King’s Royal Projects, as well an outlet of Doi Tung Lifestyle Foundation, a textile and handicraft shop.

  1. Immigration Office

The Immigration Office Chiang Mai recently divided its branch near the airport – for certain visas and regulations, one has to go to Promenada Mall outside of town now.

Location: between Chiang Mai Airport and Central Plaza Chiang Mai Airport

  1. Central Plaza Chiang Mai Airport

This is your go-to mall if you’re based around the airport or southern part of the Old Town. Central Plaza Airport is home many international brands such as Levi’s, Apple, Robinson or Canon. It’s also home to ‘Northern Village’, one of the biggest indoor crafts markets in Chiang Mai, the ideal place to grab some souvenirs before leaving town. Aside numerous restaurants you can find outlets of intl. fast-food chains in addition to Kad Luang Lanna Food Market, a large local food court at the mall’s ground floor area.

Location: Junction Mahidol Road and Thipanet Road

  1. Japanese Consulate

Whether you’re Japanese citizen or require a Japanese visa, finding the Japanese consulate is quite easy; it’s located within the Airport Business Park, a commercial complex of several buildings which houses numerous local and international companies.

Location: Airport Business Park, 90 Mahidol Road

  1. Nim City Daily

Nim City Daily is an area where you can find several restaurants, Wine Connection, Rimping supermarket (well assorted supermarket with many intl. brands) and numerous small shops.

Location: 197-199 Mahidol Road

  1. Far Eastern University

The Far Eastern University is situated next to the Airport Business Park, on the opposite of one of the main entrance of Central Plaza Airport. The university specializes in Management and Technology.

Location: Soi Mahidol Road 1

  1. Chiang Mai Aircraft Museum

Also known as Tango Squadron Museum Chiang Mai, this vintage museum is like a gem among all attractions here as only very few people know about it. It’s located next to the airport and exhibits many historical war planes, replica and plane wrecks.

Location: Tango Sqaudron Wing 41, next to the airport Open: only by arrangement.

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