Thanks to the power of the Interwebs, buying and selling online is becoming easier in remote Chiang Mai. This includes buying and selling property as well as property rental announcements, and motorcycles.

## Facebook Groups for Buying and Selling Secondhand in Chiang Mai

– [Secondhand and Real Estate Chiang Mai Facebook Group](
– [Chiang Mai, Buy, Sell, Swap](
– [Secondhand Chiang Mai](
– [Secondhand Chiang Mai]( (a second, unrelated group on the same topic)
– [Chiang Mai Real Estate](
– [Chiang Mai Motorcycle Buy and Sell](

## Craigslist for Chiang Mai, Thailand

There is no specific Craigslist for Chiang Mai, but there is one for Thailand (that has Chiang Mai as a location option), though it is unfortunately named [](

## Ebay for Chiang Mai, Thailand

While there are fewer ebayers in Chiang Mai, Thailand is nevertheless blessed with a very low cost of [EMS within Thailand via Thailand Post]( for smaller items, as well as the low cost of transporting larger items using [Nim See Seng]( Recently I had a few items for sale on Ebay and was amazed that nearly half were purchased by folks in Thailand or nearby Singapore. In many cases, buying on Ebay with tracking and low cost/free shipping can be cheaper than buying things at local stores. Also, one can do [Advanced Searches on Ebay]( specifying Thailand as the seller location.