Wai Khru day

Childrens’ Day and Teachers’ Day, January

Last Updated on December 28, 2014


Thailand celebrates National Childrens’ Day as well as Teachers Day in January. Childrens’ Day is held on the first Saturday in January, and Teachers’ Day on January 16th. Both are celebrations focused on children (famously, games and parties) and Teachers’, namely showing respect and admiration.

Wai Khru day

## Events on Childrens’ Day ##
Childrens’ day is not a national holiday, though it might appear to be so. There are many local parties and celebrations, trips to the zoo, and the like. [In Chiang Mai there are various events held](http://www.chiangmaicitynews.com/news.php?id=1254).

## Events on Teachers’ Day ##
Teachers’ day, which is similar to Wai Khru day which is held in June after the new school year begins, is about showing respect, bringing gifts, and various activities in the schools for the teachers.

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