Top 10 Activities For Families In Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is not only a place for individuals and couple travellers, but an exciting destination for adventurous families that love outdoor actions, paired with cultural trips and sports. The wide array of captivating activities ranges from trekking hills over interactive museums to Muay Thai. Here are the top activities for families in Chiang Mai:

Muay Thai in Chiang Mai

Muay Thai – no other sport is more synonymous to the ‘Land of Smiles’ than this version of kickboxing. But what are the key differences to regular kickboxing as we know it from movies and the sport channel? And where can you train Muay Thai in Chiang Mai? If you’re keen on finding that out,

The Best Courses in Chiang Mai

Whether you want to enhance your skills or just want to learn something new while visiting Chiang Mai, taking a course is an admired activity here and definitely a great add-on to your travel itinerary. Luckily, there are courses that suit most people’s interests – be ready for fun, learning and excitement! Here are the

The Best Natural Places Around Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai fascinates visitors primarily with its huge offer of cultural sites but even when it comes to natural places Chiang Mai has lots of great spots to offer; just by driving 15-20 minutes out of town you’ll be immediately in the middle of seemingly endless rice paddies and even more lush forests the more

A Guide to Living in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is booming. Not only in terms of tourism does the city increases every year its numbers and has become one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations but also the number of foreigners settling here rises every year. People who intend to stay only for a few weeks often end up staying many months,

How to spend three days in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, Thailand’s cultural hub, is a wonderful place which you shouldn’t miss on your travels around Thailand. Although three days may be not enough in order to explore the city and its surroundings properly, it’s still possible to get a glimpse of the fantastic sights and its unique culture here. So, let’s get down

A Guide To Visiting In Chiang Mai On A Budget

Chiang Mai has been praised for many years as a budget friendly city where you can get a lot of value out of your dollar (or euro, yen…). On top it is foreigner-friendly and safe. Many travellers use Chiang Mai either as starting point for their travels around Southeast Asia, as a base for several

Chiang Mai’s Best Nightlife Activities

Chiang Mai is certainly known for its cultural highlights, the close proximity to plenty of natural spots and the laid back atmosphere during the day. But the city comes really alive after sunset, when countless bars and beer gardens open, live music venues pulling people from the street with their hot tunes and adult-only shows

The Best & Cheapest Buffets in Chiang Mai

If you’re the sort of person who likes to eat and drink their way through a holiday, Chiang Mai will not disappoint you. Whether it’s the abundance of markets who offer delicious northern Thai dishes, the typical mom n’ pop shops, alternative cafés or high-end restaurants, Chiang Mai has it all. But if you’re more

Chiang Mai Holidays and Festivals in May & June

Thailand is blessed with countless festivals, celebrations and events throughout the year. While some are celebrated throughout the entire kingdom, others are specific to particular regions. Some festivals are celebrated on fix dates while others are celebrated according to the lunar calendar: Labour Day – 01st May 2015 Like in many countries around the world,